Stalk your packages.


Package Stalker gives you a URL you can bookmark to track your packages with many popular shipping providers.

You can bookmark, shorten, or share URLs as you please - and best of all, you don't have to remember the tracking number or go to the courier's website to enter it!


I buy stuff online. A lot. Tracking it all is a pain. This was written to make it easier.

My courier of choice isn't here!

Tweet @danfuhry with details on the courier you'd like to see added to Package Stalker.

Why is UPS so special?

They prevent you from using iframes to embed their website. It's annoying as shit. I wrote my own interface for tracking their shipments because there aren't any out there that really focus on answering the all important question: When do I get my damn package?


Are you a seller that uses multiple couriers? Your developers will love you. Just include a URL like this in your shipping notification e-mail:


You can also use the JSON API by adding ?ajax=true to the end of the URL. This will return a response like:

	"action"	:	"track",
	"dispurl"	:	"http:\/\/url\/",
	"error"		:	false

You can then do as you wish with the URL. If there is a problem with the request, error will be set to a non-false value and the other fields will not be present.

Your customers won't see anything related to Package Stalker - they'll be instantly redirected to the courier's tracking page.1

The Package Stalker API allows you to stay ahead of the curve if shippers ever break their websites, since Package Stalker is routinely tested and updated.

1 If you use UPS, this isn't entirely true. Your customers will see our custom UPS tracking page, which is much prettier than the official one.


Trademarks used on this website are the property of their respective companies. Package Stalker is not affiliated with any of them. They are here entirely for the purpose of identification.

No guarantees are made as to the availability of this service. Its operator reserves the right to take it down or move it for any reason, or none at all.


When you use the form on this website, my server stores absolutely nothing about your package. Not the tracking number, not even the courier.

UPS and FedEx are an exceptions. I pull your tracking info myself using their APIs instead of using the website like I do for the other couriers. So my server logs your tracking number because it's part of the URL.

If you click a link that uses Package Stalker, my server logs the request. It's just how HTTP works, it's part of being GET-friendly. Nothing about your package will ever be shared with a third party.

Rather obviously, if you click "short URL", your tracking number is sent to a URL shortening service ( and stored on there.

There are other things my server logs that are pretty consistent with every other webserver in the world. This includes your IP address, browser user agent, and the date and time of your visit. This is just for diagnostic purposes - if my server were ever hacked, I'd need to use such logs to identify the time, source and scope of the attack.


Stalking other peoples' packages is generally a bad idea. You should only stalk your own package and packages from friends who are OK with having their packages stalked by you. Similarly, don't invade your own privacy - don't put your package's details out there for the whole world to see.

Fine! Fine! I'll stop now.